so far - porn and pain.

the only thing I’m going to bitch about is the fact they cure demon!Dean in the first 5 episodes, which is just throwing away all the huge potential this season had. and the fact that there’s no Mark & Misha in the 200th. but I’ll give them a chance. hopefully, no…



OKAY. So we all know how Jensen and Misha were talking about the Gas n’ Sip scene where Jensen kept changing the lines around and it was apparently too inappropriate to show or talk about, but he did say

"…jerk my stick…"

And well, that was pretty much the only thing that was appropriate enough to tell us… But this? This is literally joking about how hard each other is and if this was allowed on the gag reel, then what things must have been said?!?!!?!! BAHAHA all I can think
Is cockles

Sorry I suck at explaining things…